Colourform™ is packaging for your future

COLOURFORM™ is renewable, recyclable, moulded fibre packaging that will make you think differently about sustainability. Discover bespoke colour, texture, form and functionality. We created COLOURFORM™ so your brand can have it all.

Colourform™ is creative freedom for your brand

Get excited about new possibilities. Harness the power of limitless colour, adjustable texture, unique surface effects and precision embossing. Create a multisensory packaging experience that will surprise and delight your customers.


Colourform™ is technical sophistication

Be adventurous with your specifications. COLOURFORM™ can perform as a striking outer box, or a highly functional insert or presentation tray. With complete control over 3D form we build advanced functionality into your design – from hinges and clasps to retention features.


Colourform™ is environmental commitment

Shout about the difference you make. We created COLOURFORM™ for a circular economy – where brands tread lightly and packaging leaves no trace.

Colourform™ as easy as 1-2-3

Relax. Our 1-2-3 Approach guides you through every aspect of design, sampling and prototyping – all handled in-house by our expert team, for perfect results with no time wasted.