A Colourform™ case study


LUSH have always been passionate about reducing the impact of product packaging. They’ve even created innovative products that can be sold ‘naked’ or packaging free – you’ve probably heard of their famous ‘bath bombs’ and solid shampoo bars. But of course, sometimes packaging is still important – for practical reasons and also as a way to enhance the retail experience for customers.  LUSH use at least 90% recycled content in their packaging. And like us, they want to ‘leave no trace’ and stick to packaging materials that can be easily re-used, recycled or composted.


LUSH came to us with a really interesting packaging requirement, and a fantastic creative opportunity. The task was to create a standalone COLOURFORM™ box that would hold a selection of solid bath oil balls.

The packaging piece would enable customers to choose their own selection of bath oils, carry them home and then re-use their box on their next visit to the LUSH store. It’s a great concept for gifts, and to help consumers enjoy more of their favourite LUSH products.


As a result of our collaborative design process, we created a really special piece of packaging for LUSH.

  • COLOURFORM™ TOUCH outer finish to reflect LUSH’s look and feel
  • COLOURFORM™ SMOOTH inner finish for contact with oily products
  • Elegant simplicity with natural hinges and clasp closure
  • Bespoke colour and precision embossing to celebrate the LUSH brand
  • 100% recycled content from coffee cups
  • 100% recyclable and compostable


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