The story of our sustainable moulded paper packaging

James Cropper PLC Chief Technology Officer, Patrick Willink, introduces James Cropper 3D Products.

“Innovation has always been at the heart of James Cropper PLC – right back to 170 years ago when we first started making paper at Burneside Mills. Today we are world leaders in paper, colour and fibre – our products and innovations push the boundaries of creativity and technical performance.

“With our capabilities, paper has become a storytelling device for brands all over the world. It forms a crucial part of the brand experience for our clients.

“Paper can be beautiful, it can be technically advanced in terms of performance, and it can be made using renewable materials in a sustainable way. We know that through continued innovation, paper is key to a sustainable future.

“So why James Cropper 3D Products, and why moulded paper?

“We recognised that although brands all over the world use paper successfully in their packaging, moulded plastic is still widely used – typically as an inner packaging material. Why? Because more sustainable products have not yet provided a true alternative.

“So far, moulded fibre solutions have forced compromise in colour and quality. But we know that kind of compromise is not sustainable when colour, quality and performance play such a crucial role in the brand packaging and product experience.

“We set out to solve this problem – using our decades of expertise in paper making and by developing customised cure-in-the-mould technology. Moulded paper really is a sustainable alternative to moulded plastic.

“The game-changer for brands is our capability in colour. We’re passionate about colour and we believe that sustainable packaging solutions must keep that magic alive. We offer greater colour choice and quality than has ever been available in moulded fibre – delivered by the renowned James Cropper colour lab.

James Cropper 3D Products sustainable moulded paper packaging

“Our demonstrator project was created to challenge production capabilities and expand the possibilities.”

“Our moulded paper is made using only renewable wood fibre from sustainably managed forests. Our trees enhance the environment – supporting biodiversity, cleaning water and binding carbon as they grow. Our forests are continually regenerated, grown and felled in perfect balance for a truly renewable, forever source of quality raw materials. You could walk around the forest where your packaging materials grow and feel inspired – in fact we can invite our clients to do just that.

“Another key for brands is the ease of recycling. Consumers today want to know that they can recycle the packaging they buy. And because moulded paper really is pure paper, it can be recycled with household paper.

“This is an exciting time for sustainable packaging, and we can’t wait to continue building relationships with brands that will lead the change.”